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Last updated: Sunday 26th January 2020
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The 888 Poker Bonus

The 888 poker room feels like it's been around forever. But have they put that experience to good use to create a superlative bonus offer? Let's have a look...

  1$ in rake earns you To cash the max bonus Bonus Paid in increments of Max Bonus Available Cash Back Cash Back AS
Percentage of Bonus
Redemption period Est. time to payoff Hourly rate
Betsafe $0.36
in bonus money
You pay $6944 rake $2500 $2500 $1388.88 55% 43 87 hours $44.69
Betfair $0.298
in bonus money
You pay $6700 in rake $5 $2000 $2089 104% 90 83.75 hours $48.82
William Hill $0.294
in bonus money

You pay $6800 in rake
$5 $2000 $1600 80% 90 85 hours $42.35
888 Poker $0.20
in bonus money

You pay $2000 in rake

$10 $400 $155 38% 90 100 hours $5.55

First off, you can tell that this is the smallest bonus offer available. But unlike the other rooms it does offer you an instant reward of $20 and a free T-shirt. So at least you have something solid to show for your signup.

How hard will I have to work for my payoff?

Betsafe Bonus Management Playing with the sharks at 888

OK, with a bank roll of $200 we'll be playing the $5+0.50 Sit N Goes. That's $.50 of rake for every tournament we enter and we can pay approximately 40 in a hour using the strategies that I explain in my book BonusHunter. So to clear $2000 in rake we'll need to play for around 100 hours. So 90 should be enough, but you'll have to play for more than 1 hour a day. You'll earn a total of $555 for your 100 hours work.

That sounds terrible!

Yes, it does, doesn't it. It's an hourly rate of just $5.55. Why is this so much worse that the others? Well, because we only have a starting bankroll of $200, we can't play the bigger tournies and can't generate so much rake. But if you were to deposit $1000 and play the $20+$2 sit n goes, then you'd blast your way to bonus completion in just 25 hours. Your hourly rate then would be a much more respectable $22.20.

Still though, it's not an amazing rate compared to the other sites. 888, really, has been featured because you get a free T-Shirt just for signing up. And who can resist that?