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Last updated: Sunday 26th January 2020
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The Betfair Poker Bonus

Good old Betfair. An innovative gaming company with a very solid bonus and reward scheme. I have a feeling that these could be the guys to go for. Let's take a look, shall we?

  1$ in rake earns you To cash the max bonus Bonus Paid in increments of Max Bonus Available Cash Back Cash Back AS
Percentage of Bonus
Redemption period Est. time to payoff Hourly rate
Betsafe $0.36
in bonus money
You pay $6944 rake $2500 $2500 $1388.88 55% 43 87 hours $44.69
Betfair $0.298
in bonus money
You pay $6700 in rake $5 $2000 $2089 104% 90 83.75 hours $48.82
William Hill $0.294
in bonus money

You pay $6800 in rake
$5 $2000 $1600 80% 90 85 hours $42.35
888 Poker $0.20
in bonus money

You pay $2000 in rake

$10 $400 $155 38% 90 100 hours $5.55

Well, the thing that stands out for me here is how generous their rewards program is. It equals the amount that'll you'll be getting for your bonus. Impressive. So let's do the sums on how much we'll have work to get the bonus paid off, and see if it'll all be worth it.

Betfair Poker Screen Where you'll be making the monies

The payoff - how do I get there?

So, to get the full $2000 bonus we're going to need to start with a bankroll of $1000. Great, with that we can play the $20+2 Sit N Goes. We'll be able to pay $2 in rake for every tournament we enter, and we can play around 40 in a hour (see my book for how). So that means we can pay off the $6700 in rake we need to meet our bonus in 83.75 hours. Not bad!

That sounds awesome

Yup, an hourly rate of just shy of $50 is certainly not to be sniffed at. And by the end of your 84 hours you'll be able to consider yourself a poker expert. Definitely worth a shot.